Cartoon Self Portrait


So, Who am I?

Hello hello! My name is Kelly Gentsch, and I'm a Graphic Artist and Illustrator located in Texas. I started drawing on the walls before I could walk, and I haven't really stopped since, though for my mothers' sake I have switched to paper. Sometimes. My illustration career also began early in high school, where I would draw for friends in exchange for donuts from the cafeteria, and I have been a full time graphic artist since 2012. A lot of my work is digital, though I often make jewelry or costume props. I usually have several plates spinning at once, one on the computer, and one in my studio, so when I am stuck on one thing, I can clear my mind by working on another.

My favored illustration themes are low to mid fantasy art, and macabe and/or eldrich horror, and I enjoy experimenting with new forms of media to see what I can create from them.

Come Say Hi!

You can always email me at:, or if social media is more your style, try one of the sites below:

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